Truecaller Loan

Truecaller Loan

Truecaller, a popular caller identification app offering instant personal loans from Rs. 10,000 to 5 lakh. Apply for a Truecaller loan with basic documents and get instant approval.

Truecaller Loan Quick Recap

Interest rate16%  per annum
Loan AmountFrom 10,000 to  5 lakh
Credit ScoreMinimum 650 or above
Loan TenureFrom 3 months to 36 months
Eligibility Age18 years or above
Income RequiredRs. 15,000/- Per month
Processing FeesCharged Dynamically
Eligible ForSelf Employed/ Salaried Person

Truecaller offers term loans which can be availed by applicants on the basis of the quoted eligibility criteria. Borrowers can avail a loan amount ranging from Rs.10,000 to Rs.5 lakh at an interest rate of 16% p.a. The loan repayment tenure goes up to 36 months.

What is Truecaller Loan?

A caller identification app Truecaller providing instant loans to Indian customers. This lender taking a 16% interest rate per annum.

You can get an instant loan From Rs. 10,000 to 5 lakh through Truecallar.

Truecaller Loan Benefits:

Instant Approval: Don’t wait for 3 to 5 days to get the loan. Truecaller offering instant personal loans to borrowers.

Flexible Loan Tenure: Choose flexible loan tenure to repay your loan amount. You can choose From 3 months to 36 months to pay the loan.

Paperless Process: No need to submit any hard copy. You can upload the entire document through the Truecaller app.

No Late Fees: Truecaller does not take any late payment fees from borrowers.

Low-Interest Rate: Truecaller loan available with a low-interest rate. Pay interest rate 16% per annum for the approved loan amount.

Quick Disburse: It’s taking 24 hours to get the money to your bank account. Truecaller provides a quick loan disbursement facility.

Truecaller Loan Eligibility:

At present, Truecaller is extending the loan facility to salaried individuals only. The eligibility criteria for salaried applicants are being listed below:

Credit ScoreAt least 650
Monthly in-hand salaryEmployed – Rs.13,500 p.m.Self-employed – Rs.25,000 p.m.

Truecaller Loan Fees and charges:

The fees and charges associated with Truecaller Loans can be summed up as follows:

Prepayment ChargesNil
Late Payment FeesNil
Processing FeesDynamically Charged
Preclosure ChargesNil
Document Pick-up FeesNil

Truecaller Loans documents required:

The documents required for the application process of Truecaller Loans are as follows:

ParticularsDocument Required
Proof of IdentityAadhaar card, PAN card, etc.
Proof of Current AddressRent agreement, utility bills, etc.
Proof of Income3-month salary account statements

Truecaller Loan Interest Rate, Charges & Fees

Interest rate16% per annum
Late Payment ChargesNil
Processing feeCharged Dynamically
Pre-closure ChargesNil
Minimum Loan Tenure3 months
Maximum Loan Tenure36 months

Truecaller Instant Loan Uses:

Use Truecaller instant loan at different categories:

  • Personal Expenses
  • Wedding Cost Expenses
  • Online Shopping
  • Buy Others Products
  • Pay House Rent

Truecaller Loan Customer Care Number:

Contact Truecaller customer care for any queries.

Email ID: you can send an email for any grievances to their official id: [email protected].

Submit Ticket: You can send a direct message through the truecaller website. 

Click to send a message

How to apply for a Truecaller Loan?

You can apply for a loan through Truecaller mobile phone application. You will be required to follow the steps mentioned below, to apply for a Truecaller Loan:

Step 1: Open the Truecaller mobile phone application. Click on ‘Know More’ and then on ‘Continue’.

Step 2: Enter your personal details such as your name, gender, date of birth, email ID, and area PIN code. Click on ‘Continue’.

Step 3: Upload the necessary documents along with the filled-up application form for your loan requirement.

Step 4: Submit the application form.

Step 5: Once the application has been processed, Truecaller will verify and scrutinise the submitted documents and assess your creditworthiness.

Step 6: If the loan application is approved, Truecaller will send you a NACH form.

Step 7: You will be required to print, fill-up, and sign the NACH form. This filled-up form has to be scanned and forwarded back to Truecaller.

Step 8: On the receipt of the NACH form, Truecaller will send you the loan agreement on your mobile application.

Step 9: The loan agreement has to be reviewed and submitted by you.

Step 10: Get the loan amount credited to your bank account.

Truecaller Loan FAQs:

How do I know if I am eligible for a Truecaller Loan?

You can open the Truecaller application on your mobile phone and check the banking tab to find out if you are eligible for a Truecaller Loan.

How is the loan amount decided for Truecaller Loans?

The loan amount for Truecaller Loans will be decided as per Truecaller’s policies. Your loan application will be used to decide the loan amount that you are eligible for.

Can I apply for more than one Truecaller Loan at the same time?

No, at present, Truecaller allows you to apply and avail on loan only. However, you can foreclose the existing loan account at any point in time and avail a fresh loan through Truecaller.

Is it safe to sign the NACH form?

Yes, through the NACH form, an instruction is given to your bank to make a payment on your behalf. Through this method, the repayment for your loan account will be made automatically.

Can I change the date for my EMI payments?

No, at present, Truecaller does not allow you to change the EMI payment dates.

When are the EMI payments made for the Truecaller Loans?

The EMIs for Truecaller Loans are collected on the 5th of every month.

What happens if I forget to make an EMI payment?

Although Truecaller does not charge any late payment fees, it is advised to make timely EMI payments to avoid defaulting which has an adverse effect on your credit score.

Does Truecaller send reminders for my Truecaller Loan EMI payments?

Yes, Truecaller will send you in-app push notifications for the Truecaller Loan EMI payments.

When will I receive the EMI reminders for my Truecaller Loan?

You willl receive the EMI reminders for your Truecaller Loans two days before the due date and on the due date.

My Truecaller Loan application was rejected. What should I do now?

Your Truecaller Loan application will be rejected in case of discrepancies in your documents. Truecaller will get back to you to complete the process and do the needful.

When are the Truecaller Loan EMI installments made?

Truecaller Loan EMIs are collected on the 5th of each month.

How can I get a higher loan amount from Truecaller?

If you have a good credit history, you can get a higher loan amount from Truecaller.

I have a 700 cibil score but I am bouncing one EMI. Can I get the loan?

Turecaller will check your cibil score after apply. If you are eligible, Truecaller will give you the loan amount.

How to pay the EMI of the loan amount?

You can pay your EMI through the Truecaller app in the banking section.

Is Truecaller taking late payment fees?

No, Truecaller not taking any late payment charges at that time. But pay your EMI on time to maintain a good credit score.