Top 10 business ideas for women in india 2022

Top 10 Business Ideas for Women in India

India has witnessed a great growth in the number of women entrepreneurs in the last 2-3 decades. Women today are moving forward to almost every industry and sector by their entrepreneurial abilities. So, we have presented some of the key business ideas for women for them to choose and grow as an entrepreneur, depending on their skills and passion.


A healthy lifestyle and exercise are being adopted by people all over the world. People practice a variety of activities like dance, aerobics and yoga as daily exercise. Women can become professional trainers and can own and manage fitness centres.

Some of the popular and effective business ideas in the health care industry are:

Yoga and meditation centres:

Women can get training in yoga exercises and professionally practices as yoga trainers and meditation gurus.

Zumba instructors:

Zumba is a famous dance form people are opting for as regular exercise forms. Women can start Zumba classes for people living in their locality

F&B Industry

Eating out is the most famous leisure time activity among the youth and even families. Cafes and restaurants are booming these days.

Some great business opportunities in the food industry are:

  • Cafes: Cafes were quiet popular among college students before covid pandemic. They are the hot assembling place for youngsters these days
  • Restaurants: If you have the right funding and a great management team, restaurants will be great businesses once the corona pandemic is over.
  • Home-based catering business: Women who love cooking can start their own small catering business and take party orders for birthdays, anniversaries, kitty parties, etc.

Beauty care

Beauty care is an industry woman can master . Women arein huge demand in beauty care and can make great entrepreneurs. It has a great business opportunity since women know what the consumer wants and can deliver the best. Following are some of the best beauty care business women can own:

Spa and Salon

Women can have their salons and spa centers. Hair and makeup is something women are experts at. One of the great business opportunities for young women entrepreneurs
Nail art studios:
Nail art has become a hype among ladies but not everyone is an expert at it. If you are, why not make it a business?
Bridal make up studios:
Bridal make up has evolved in recent years. Women can keep in touch with recent trends and be the best in the field

Freelance Writing

If you have writing skills and love to write ideas ,topics and analysis, freelance content writing is best job for you.

Technical Writing:

Most IT companies these days are looking for writers to write various types of content. If you’re good with your language and can write good content, you can freelance as a writer

Creative Writing:

Advertising agencies and several other institutions look for writers who can come up with creative ideas for advertisers, jingles and much more. You can get in touch with these agencies with your ideas and work with them as a freelancer
You can create your blog and talk about the issue that matters to you. You can put your opinion out there and work on making your blog a success

IT & Software Development

Today the whole world is Technology and software driven and there is software for everything. Starting your software development company is a great small business idea where you can get clients and work for their projects independently.

Web Development: Companies developing websites for various other businesses or events can be a huge hit.
App Development: Mobile applications are very useful for all our daily needs. All companies are developing mobile applications to make themselves accessible to the public. Establishing an app development firm is a great business idea in today’s times

Graphics Designing

Designing is another creative field women can ace. Since we have so many websites floating on Internet every minute how they look is very important. Graphic designing changes the look of any website and makes it more attractive

Bookkeeping Work:

It is observed that some women are really good at finance and accounting From housewives to CFAs finance and accounts is something women are killing it. Accountancy firms can be an amazing small business idea for women in today’s times.

Personal Care

Menstrual hygiene is a very important factor in a woman’s life and appropriate products have to be available in the market at reasonable prices. Women can be amazing entrepreneurs in the menstrual hygiene industry:

Natural Sanitary Napkins: Women can start initiatives where natural cotton sanitary napkins are made. These initiatives will need a lot of machinery and labour and hence good management skills are necessary

Menstrual cups: A lot of women in India haven’t tried menstrual hygiene products other than sanitary napkins. Menstrual cups can still make really good business in the market. Awareness has to be created as to how health-friendly these silicon cups can be
Different period products: There are a lot of other products like cramp roll-ons, hot water bags, essential oils that can be made menstrual cycles healthy for women. These accessories can also make good business among women

Arts & Handcrafts

Handicrafts can be a nice business idea for women who are fine with papers and wood.

Women make handmade jewellery and make good money out of it
Gifts and cards are also sold extensively in the market today
Bead work is also very popular among women with skills for the same

Fashion Industry

Boutiques: The clothing industry is booming is several trends coming up. Women can ace the fashion game and fashion stores are the best business options for ladies with that sense of trends

Opening your fashion label: It is another business idea for women who want to design their merchandise and have it out there in the market. Fashion labels need more funding and vast knowledge in the fashion industry but are great businesses once settled up

Bags and accessories outlet: Bags and other accessories like jewellery, belts, shoes, etc. also make good sales along with clothing lines. These accessory shops are a huge hit among women and can be good business

Stitching and embroidery work: Women with a little or no education can get into stitching and embroidery business. This is a skill that most women in the rural area have and can make good money with it. Embroidery handwork is valued in the market and one can make good money selling it online

Banks loan schemes for women

Funding is a very important feature of any business. Money usually holds people back from living their dreams. Business loans have made a lot of people’s dreams come true. Following are some of the business loans for women which can make any women a business-woman:

  • Annapurna Scheme: This business loan is for women who wish to start their own food catering business. It is provided by Bhartiya Mahila Bank and State Bank of Mysore
  • Stree Shakti Package: These loans is given to women who have a 50% partnership in any business. State Bank of India excusively offers this loan.
  • Dena Shakti Scheme: This business loan is for women who wish to stride in manufacturing, retail trade or small enterprises. This scheme is provided by Dena bank
  • Cent – Kalyani Scheme: These loans are for women of 18 years of age and above. It does not have any ceiling amount and Central Bank of India offers it.
  • Udyogini Scheme: This business is for women who are below 55 years of age. It is provided by ‘The Karnataka State Women Development Cooperation’

Hence, by considering these business ideas and availing Government funded schemes, most Indian woman can become an entrepreneur and fulfil the dream of owning a business and becoming financially independent.