J&k bank personal loan calculator (March, 2023)

J&K Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator will help you to find out your Personal Loan EMI and interest cost based on your loan amount, tenure and interest rate. It will help you to choose your loan amount and loan tenure based on your repayment capacity.

J&k bank personal loan calculator

j&k bank personal loan calculation

Loan AmountRate of InterestLoan TenureEMI
Rs. 1,02,00011.62%12 monthsRs. 9,044
Rs. 1,57,00011.62%15 monthsRs. 11,296
Rs. 2,49,00011.75%19 monthsRs. 14,425
Rs. 3,59,00012%25 monthsRs. 16,301
Rs. 4,69,00012.12%30 monthsRs. 18,200
Rs. 5,78,00012.25%33 monthsRs. 20,719
Rs. 6,60,000Rs. 12.5%45 monthsRs. 18,446

j&k bank personal loan calculator

What are the Benefits of Using EMI Calculator?

  • It is comparatively easier to calculate your EMIs using a personal loan EMI Calculator as you only need to select the preferred loan amount, tenure and interest rate to know your EMI
  • It may consume a lot of time if you calculate the EMI manually, but the online EMI calculator calculates it for you within a few seconds
  • The EMI calculator uses a formula and tells you the exact EMI, while a manual calculation may go wrong


Q. What are the different loan schemes that are offered under J&k bank personal loan calculator?

Ans. The different loan schemes are Consumer Loan, Saholiat/Saral Finance Scheme for Employees, Saral/Saholiat Finance Scheme for Pensioners, Laptop/ PC Finance, Scooty Finance for Girls/ Ladies, Festival Advance Scheme and Smartphone Finance.