How to claim insurance for bike in 5 minutes ?

In India, anybody who owns a vehicle must have an insurance policy as the Government of India has made it mandatory.

It is in the interest of the vehicle owner as it provides financial aid for repair work of the bike, in unforeseen situations like accidents, floods, cyclone etc. In such events, one would definitely want the policy to take care of the loss incurred.

two types of claim in bike inusrance


  • The whole process is cashless, and you won’t have to pay anything except for the deductible you have agreed.
  • Your two wheeler/bike insurance company has a vast list of authorized service centres readily available for you!


  • You inform the insurance company, have your two wheeler repaired, pay for the expenses and then raise a claim.
  • After some verification, the insurance company disburses your claim amount minus the deductible.
claim bike insurance

How to claim insurance for bike

Here is the step by step process to be followed in case of an accident

If your bike has met with an accident and is in need of repair work, you have to contact your insurance company.
An authorised representative will come to you to evaluate the amount of damage caused to the bike.Later on,He will have your insurance claim registered. You will get claim gistration number. You can use this number for reference while the settlement procedure is underway.

Take your motorbike to the nearest garage for repair work and get the work started.Please remmeber to collect and keep all the bills of repair work done. You can then claim reimbursement or you have the option to get the repair work done at a garage where a cashless facility is available.

In case of theft of vehicle or if an accident has occurred with injury to a third party or if the vehicle of the third party has suffered damages, then under these circumstances, one has to lodge a FIR at the police station nearest to the accident spot.

Following documents are required to claim Bike Insurance:

  • Insurance claim form.
  • RC copy of the bike.
  • Tax payment receipt copy of the bike.
  • Driving license
  • Insurance policy documents.
  • FIR copy in case of third-party bike damage, injury to third party or death.
  • Repair bills and receipts.

Process to be followed when your bike being stolen

  • Go to the nearest police station and lodge a FIR.
  • You will have to give the keys of the stolen vehicle at the police station.
  • Inform your insurance company.
  • Inform the RTO. They will prepare an RTO transfer paper and give it to you along with Form 28, 29,30 and 35.
  • Get the No Trace report or the Untraced vehicle report from the police saying that the vehicle was not found. Usually, it will take around a month to generate this report.

Submit the following documents to the insurance company when your bike is stolen

  • FIR copy.
  • Insurance claim form
  • RC copy of the bike
  • Driving license.
  • RTO transfer papers with Form 28,29,30 and 35. Once the insurance company has received all the relevant documents, their concerned department will start searching for the stolen vehicle.
  • No trace report submitted by the police.

After procuring all these documents, the insurance company will generate an Insured Declared Value ( IDV ) of the stolen vehicle if it is not found past 90 days from the date of theft.

Patience is very important here as the whole process normally takes 3 to 4 months. However, don’t lose hope, at least this will ensure you get another bike without the financial burden.