Gold Loan

Gold Loan Interest Rates, Processing eFee, and Loan Tenur

FeatureGold LoanInterest RateProcessing FeeTenure
HDFC Gold Loan9.90%0.25 % – 1.50%3 – 24 Month
ICICI Gold Loan10.50%0.25 % – 1.50%9 – 24 Months
Axis Gold Loan10.50%0.50% – 1.50%6 – 24 Months
Yes Bank Gold Loan10.50%0.50% – 1.50%6 – 36 Months
SBI Gold Loan9.50%500/- to 0.50%6 – 36 Months
Kotak Gold Loan11.00%1% to 2%9 – 24 Months
IIFL Gold Loan12.00%Nil3 – 11 Months
Muthoot Finance Gold Loan6.84%Nil1 – 24 Months
Manappuram Gold Loan12.50%Nil6 – 12 Months
PNB Gold Loan11.00%0.70% to 1%6 – 12 Months
Canara Bank Gold Loan10.75%1 %6 – 12 Months
IndusInd Bank Gold Loan11.50%1% – 1.5%9 – 24 Months

Gold is one of the most precious and popular metals in India. Buying and gifting gold is an old tradition of our culture. However, the service of Loan Against Gold has changed the scenario of how people use this metal. Nowadays, people buy Gold to overcome financial troubles in life.

  • A gold loan, also known as a loan against gold, enables a borrower to obtain immediate cash against his gold jewellery for personal or business purposes.
  • Low-interest rates, no income proof or CIBIL score requirement, and instant disbursal within a few hours are some of the unique features of a gold loan.
  • Gold loan rates are currently as low as 7% per annum, making it a convenient choice for borrowers.
  • SBI, HDFC, Yes Bank, Muthoot, and Manappuram are some of the famous banks and gold loan companies that offer jewel loan

What is a Gold Loan?

Gold Loan is the fastest-growing loan in the banking industry. The majority of people have gold ornaments that are lying idle in the bank lockers or at home. Thus, Loan Against Gold provides an opportunity for the people to unleash the worth of this valuable yellow metal by availing a gold loan against them.

Also, Gold Loan Interest Rate is less in comparison to other loans like a personal loan and home loan. The process is straightforward and hassle-free. The applicant has to put gold ornaments in the bank in return for the amount of the loan. After the loan is repaid by the applicant, the bank returns the gold ornaments to the customer in the same shape. Finally, There is a lot of banking and nonbanking organizations where a customer can approach for a Loan Against Gold.

India has about 10% of the total gold stock of the entire world. The reason being that a majority of Indians own gold ornaments. Loan Against Gold is a service that helps people to get cash against their Gold Jewelry. The process of availing of a Gold Loan is straightforward.

How does Gold Loan work?

  1. The applicant just has to pledge gold jewellery to the lender in return for the loan amount. After you take your jewellery to the bank, the in-house jewellery value accesses your gold jewellery in terms of weight and purity.
  2. Then, according to the value of gold, the banks give the loan seekers cash equivalent to around 70%-75% of the value of the pledged gold.
  3. Now the bank has possession of your gold ornaments until the full repayment of the loan amount.
  4. Finally, when you repay the whole amount of the loan, the bank returns the gold in the same shape and form to the customer.

This is the entire process of the service of Loan Against Gold. Thus, the Documents required are quite minimal as the bank is majorly concerned about the quality and quantity of Gold.

Gold Loan Features

  • A gold loan fund can be used for a variety of needs, including educational expenses, medical emergencies, vacations, and so on.
  • The gold which has been guaranteed with the bank or financial institution serves as insurance or collateral for the loan sum.
  • The duration of the contract can be anywhere from 3 months to 36 months.
  • Other fees and charges that can apply to a gold loan include processing fees, late payment fees or penalties for not paying interest, valuation fees, and so on.
  • Borrowers have three key choices for repaying a gold loan, according to lenders. There are the following:
    • Equated Monthly Installments for Repayment (EMI)
    • Interest is paid upfront, and the principal loan balance is repaid at the end of the loan term.
    • Interest is paid on a monthly basis, and the principal loan balance is repaid at the end of the loan term.
  • Several lenders can give a discount on the current interest rate on a gold loan if the borrower repays the interest on time. This rebate can be anywhere between 1% and 2% of the original interest rate.

Why is Gold Loan Preferred?

  • The protection demanded is a commodity that can be found in almost every Indian household.
  • A Gold Loan process is very simple, and the loan will be disbursed in the blink of an eye. It’s that convenient to get a Gold Loan.
  • There is no extensive verification of revenue, credit score, or other factors. A Gold Loan may be taken out by a housewife with no income but enough gold to pledge.
  • There is no need to provide evidence that the gold being pledged was purchased legitimately.
  • It’s a flexible loan that can be used for something. It can be used for wedding planning, vacation planning, device purchases, college expenses, land purchases, and so on.

How do I choose a Lender for Availing a Gold Loan?

It will help if you use assess properly before approaching lenders for a loan. Borrowing from a nationalized bank, a large private bank, or a well-known NBFC is safer. Many of them provide gold loans, and you can be confident that your jewellery will be secure in their care. Some reputable NBFCs are widely renowned for specialized in gold loans, and they might be an equally viable alternative.

However, some other NBFCs offer favourable gold loan conditions but are not well-managed or financially solid. Some of them may close unexpectedly, taking your gold with them. You risk losing all of your valuables and having no quick possibility of recovering them.

Because gold is connected with family jewellery, it has an emotional and social angle in India. Thus it is advisable to conduct your homework and stick with well-known banks and renowned NBFCs.

If you need money and believe a gold loan is the best alternative, Dialabank can connect you with banks and other reputable financial institutions that can meet your needs.

What is Gold Loan Interest Rate?

Loan Against Gold is a service that provides its customers with cash at the best rate of interest. In contrast to other services like Personal Loan and Home Loan, Loan Against Gold Interest Rate is quite less and reasonable. On average, it begins at 7% per annum and can go up to 24% per annum. Different Banks and NBFC’s provides different interest rate to the customers.

How to Calculate Gold Loan Interest Rate?

The Rate of Interest is the amount that is charged on the amount of the loan. The Gold Loan Interest Rate depends on the factors stated below:

Internal/External Customer: The loan seekers who have an account in the bank from where they want to avail the loan, then such customers are known as internal customers. Internal customers are given a rebate on the rate of interest charged by the applicant.

Amount of Loan: The loan amount is the major factor that decides the rate of interest that will be charged from the applicant. The Gold Loan Interest Rate is higher for loans with lesser amounts. Thus, the more the amount of loan, the lesser is the Rate of Interest.

LTV Ratio (Loan to Value Ratio) – Furthermore, lending institutions charge a higher rate of interest on the Loan Against Gold with a high LTV ratio. Thus, the more the LTV of the gold jewellery, the higher is the Rate of Interest charged by the applicant.

Gold Loan Interest Rate of Major Banks

BankInterest RateLowest EMI/lakhEligible loan amount
HDFC Gold loan9.90%Rs. 4614Rs 50 lakh for 24 months
ICICI Bank10%Rs. 8,792Rs. 15 lakh for 12 months
Axis Bank15%Rs. 4,849Rs. 20 lakh for 24 months
Yes Bank11.25%Rs. 3,286Rs. 50 lakh for 36 months
Muthoot Gold loan12%Rs. 3321Rs 1 cr. For 36 months
Mannapuram Gold loan12%Rs. 8,885Rs 1 cr. For 12 months
Canara Bank7.65%Rs. 8,683Rs. 10 lakh for 12 months
IIFL9.24%Rs. 9,516Rs. 10 lakh for 11 months
IndusInd10.50%Rs. 8,815Rs. 10 lakh for 12 months
Andhra Bank10.70%Rs. 8,824Rs. 2 crores for 12 months
Federal Bank8.50%Rs. 8,722Rs. 75 lakh for 12 months
SBI Gold loan7.50%Rs. 311120 lakh for 36 months

Best Banks for Gold Loan in India

  • Manappuram Gold Loan
    • All of the 13 gold loan schemes are open to you.
    • Depending on the purity and net weight of the gold pledged, you could be eligible for a larger loan.
      This loan does not require the borrower to have a guarantor.
    • For More details, Visit the Manappuram Gold Loan page.
  • SBI Gold Loan
    • Gold Loan, Liquid Gold Loan, and Bullet Repayment Gold Loan are the three forms of gold loans offered by the lender.
    • Gold Loan and Liquid Gold Loan repayment terms are up to 36 months, while Bullet Gold Loan repayment terms are up to 18 months.
    • SBI offers gold loans to people who are at least 18 years old.
    • Individuals can take out gold loans from SBI either individually or jointly.
    • Penalties or Internal Charges: The applicant would be responsible for paying the appropriate gold appraiser fees.
    • For More details, Visit SBI Gold Loan Page
  • HDFC Gold Loan
    • A 1.5 per cent processing fee is applied to the loan amount.
    • When applying for a loan, applicants must send only a few documents.
    • The time it takes to review and approve a loan is concise.
    • Internal Charges or Penalties:
      • There will be a valuation fee of Rs.250 for loans up to Rs.1.5 lakh and Rs.500 for loans above Rs.1.5 lakh.
      • If the loan is closed within three months, foreclosure charges of 2% plus GST will have to be met. If the loan is closed within six months, foreclosure charges of one per cent plus GST must be met.
      • There will be a late payment fee of 2% p.a. above the applicable interest rate.
      • There will be stamp duties and statutory fines to pay.
      • A fee of Rs.350 plus GST is charged for renewal processing.
    • For more details, Visit HDFC Gold Loan Page
  • ICICI Gold Loan
    • The gold you pledged is securely stored in a vault.
    • To apply for this loan, you just need a few documents.
    • If your application is accepted, the loan will be approved immediately.
    • Internal Charges/Penalties:
      • A fee of up to 1% can be paid in the event of a foreclosure.
      • Applicants must pay a fee of Rs.199 for documentation.
      • If your loan has to be renewed, you’ll have to pay a premium of between Rs.300 and Rs.1,000.
      • It would be necessary to pay the relevant stamp duty charges.
    • For more details, Visit the ICICI Gold Loan page
  • Axis Gold Gold Loan
    • The gold that a creditor pledge is stored in Axis Bank’s vaults.
    • The loan is disbursed the same day as the application is submitted.
    • Customers can take out a gold loan from Axis Bank by promising gold coins and jewellery.
    • Internal Charges/Penalties:
      • There is an Rs.500 valuation charge.
      • On the overdue loan number, a monthly penalty interest rate of 2% will be paid.
    • For more details, Visit the Axis bank Gold Loan page
  • Canara Bank Gold Loan
    • The lender disburses the loan funds in a timely manner.
    • This loan does not require a guarantee.
    • The application procedure is simple and straightforward.
    • Internal Charges/Penalties: Borrowers will be responsible for any relevant jewel appraisal fees.
    • For more details, Visit the Canara Gold Loan page
  • PNB Gold Loan
    • There are no fees for paying in advance.
    • The lender has a simple application procedure.
    • The lender would only consider 22-carat gold as collateral for this loan.
    • Internal Charges/Penalties: A fee of Rs.500 will be charged for documentation.
    • For more details, Visit PNB Gold Loan Page
  • IIFL Gold Loan
    • Get approved for a gold loan in 5 minutes and have it disbursed in 30 minutes.
    • IIFL will tailor gold loan schemes to meet your specific needs.
    • There are several repayment options open.
    • Internal Charges/Penalties: A fee of Rs.500 is charged for MTM.
    • For more details, Visit the IIFL Gold Loan page
  • Federal Reserve Bank Gold Loan
    • Pledges can be produced on gold ornaments with a purity of 22 carats
    • Loans are approved right away
    • There are no additional fees
    • For More details, Visit the Federal Bank Gold Loan page
  • Central Bank Gold Loan
    • The application procedure is simple and straightforward
    • The bank will only consider 22-carat gold
    • The repayment period is limited to 12 months from the date of loan approval
    • For more details, Visit Central Bank Gold Loan
  • Kotak Mahindra Gold Loan
    • Your gold is stored in a stable and safe place.
    • There is very little documentation available.
    • Take out a gold loan right away.
    • Penalties and Internal Charges:
    • The creditor is responsible for paying the stamping fees.
    • The lender will impose credit assessment fees. A minimum of Rs.250 and a maximum of Rs.2,000 will be charged.
    • There may be commitment fees of Rs.1,250 per quarter or 0.5 per cent per quarter.
    • If the loan is late, a 3% interest fee may be applied to the outstanding balance.
    • A fee of up to 30% of the unpaid amount can be paid as a collection fee.
    • A fee of Rs.750 will be charged for each instance of dishonour.
    • Swap fees of up to Rs. 500 per instance is possible
    • A maximum fee of Rs.50 will be imposed if a no-due certificate is needed.
  • For more details, Visit Kotak Mahindra Gold Loan.

On What Factors does the Gold Loan Amount Depend?

The amount of Loan disbursed depends on mainly two factors:

The Quantity of Gold: To begin with, the weight of gold is one of the main factors that decide the amount of loan disbursed to the customer. The weight is measured after subtracting the weight of the stones(if any) in the jewellery. The higher the quantity of gold more is the amount that can be given to the customer.

*Note: Minimum of 10 grams of gold is required for loan approval.

Quality of Gold: Another factor that decides the loan amount is the quality of gold. The purity should lie between 18 carats to 22 carats. Therefore, the better is the purity of gold, the more is the amount of loan that can be approved.

What are Different Gold Loan Schemes?

The banks provide different schemes on the basis of the purpose of availing a loan. The following are the schemes that banks provide to the customers willing to avail a Loan Against Gold.

Non-Agricultural Loan against Gold: To begin with, all the loan seekers who won’t be using the amount for agricultural activities are eligible for this scheme. All the people, including Salaried, Housewives, Self Employed, Students, women who want to avail a Loan Against Gold, fall under this category. There are different repayment options provided to the customers like Term Loan, EMI Facility, and Overdraft facility.

Agricultural Gold Loan: This is a type of Loan Against Gold that is provided to only farmers who want to use the money for agricultural practices. This service is provided to the farmers at a discounted rate of interest.

Also, the basic idea of this scheme is to provide finance to the customers for managing crop production expenses or to invest in allied agricultural activities. In order to avail of an Agricultural Gold Loan, one should have evidence of farming in the form of proof of agricultural land.

Gold Rates for Major Indian Cities

Gold is an outstanding investment strategy because it protects the portfolio from currency depreciation during market downturns. When markets were collapsing due to pandemic-related uncertainty, we saw the influence of the gold market. Gold reached new highs, allowing investors to rebalance their portfolios.

Gold Rates (22 Carat) 1g

CitiesTodayYesterdayDaily Price Change
Bengaluru₹ 4,356₹ 4,355₹ 1
Chennai₹ 4,381₹ 4,380₹ 1
Delhi₹ 4,571₹ 4,570₹ 1
Hyderabad₹ 4,356₹ 4,355₹ 1
Jaipur₹ 4,571₹ 4,570₹ 1
Kolkata₹ 4,586₹ 4,585₹ 1
Lucknow₹ 4,571₹ 4,570₹ 1
Mumbai₹ 4,476₹ 4,475₹ 1
Patna₹ 4,476₹ 4,475₹ 1
Surat₹ 4,601₹ 4,600₹ 1

Gold Rates (24 Carat) 1g

CitiesTodayYesterdayDaily Price Change
Bengaluru₹ 4,752₹ 4,751₹ 1
Chennai₹ 4,779₹ 4,778₹ 1
Delhi₹ 4,987₹ 4,986₹ 1
Hyderabad₹ 4,752₹ 4,751₹ 1
Jaipur₹ 4,987₹ 4,986₹ 1
Kolkata₹ 4,856₹ 4,855₹ 1
Lucknow₹ 4,987₹ 4,986₹ 1
Mumbai₹ 4,576₹ 4,575₹ 1
Patna₹ 4,576₹ 4,575₹ 1
Surat₹ 4,796₹ 4,795₹ 1

What are the different Gold Loan Repayment Schemes?

There are three ways to repay the loan amount disbursed by the bank.

Bullet Repayment: Most people choose this option when it comes to repayment of Loan Against Gold. In this service, the applicant just has to pay the interest rate during the tenure of the loan. Therefore the principal amount has to be paid at the end of the loan tenure. But, this option is provided to the customers availing short term loans. The interest rate is paid on a monthly basis through EMI’s.

Overdraft Facility: Next, this is a type of scheme that is famous among self-employed people. As people owning a business have fluctuating money requirements. Through this service, one can withdraw money according to their needs.

That is, the applicant can choose the amount from the total loan amount disbursed for which they want to pay interest. Thus, the interest is applied to the amount that is withdrawn by the customer. Finally, the customer also has an option to renew the loan after the completion of the loan tenure.

EMI Facility: Furthermore, this is another scheme that customers can choose for the repayment of the Loan Against Gold. In this option, a fixed amount is calculated that the applicant has to pay monthly. This value includes a part of the principal amount and the interest rate. This scheme is becoming popular among people.

How to Apply for a Gold Loan?

  • You may be able to apply for a gold loan either online or in person. To apply for a loan online, go to the lender’s website and choose the loan product you want to apply for. If the required option is available on the website, you must then click on ‘Apply Now.’ Following that, you must fill out the online application form with the appropriate information and send it online.
  • If you are unable to apply for a loan through the lender’s website, you must go to the lender’s nearest branch. Customers may use their official website to locate the nearest branch of several lenders. Make sure you have a copy of the required documents with you at all times.
  • Your application will be checked by the lender after you submit it. You will be given the loan amount if your application is accepted.
  • In the event of a financial emergency, a gold loan is a fast and simple way to obtain funds. Make sure you do the necessary research to obtain a gold loan that is appropriate for your needs and repayment ability.

Things to Consider While Availing a Gold Loan

You should remember and think about a number of this stuff enunciated below before applying for a Gold Loan:

  • Background Check

You should perceive the background of the person/institution wherever you’re pledging your valuable quality and availing of a loan. If you’re approaching an area pledgee to avail a Gold Loan, the procedure is also straightforward, and you will be obtaining the loan at once. However, what’s the protection of your security? There can be stealing within the look, and also the gold is also taken, or there is also a hearth accident. Something might happen. What’s safe-keeping live adopted? This can be the foremost necessary issue you’ve got to contemplate, whereas you’re pledging your gold to avail the loan.

You should do a background check concerning the establishment wherever you’re pledging your quality and ascertain that the group action that’s being placed through isn’t a fallacious one.

To avoid these doubts and fears, it’s perpetually counselled to approach banks/financial establishments of fine repute. The safe-keeping of the gold is ensured in these places. The gold is going to be kept in a fireplace and felony-proof safety vaults that are unbroken within a powerful space. The gold that’s within the custody of those establishments will be coated by insurance.

  • Market analysis

You have to try and do marketing research to know the most effective deal. The primary establishment you’re approaching might not be supplying you with the deal that you just be. Do an intensive analysis and collect comparative information of the Gold Loan Interest Rates, process fees, appraisal charges, pre-closure charges, etc. Break down the comparative information concerning 5 or six and opt for the most effective among them.

Check United Nations agency is supplying you with the most effective choice once it involves the loan quantity. Every establishment contains a totally different level of margin stipulated. Opt for the deal wherever you get the very best price for the quality.

  • Repayment

Understand the varied reimbursement choices that are out there and opt for the one that’s comfy for you. You must conjointly perceive the expenditure concerned in respect of the interest out-go in every choice. Have a discussion with the investor and judge on {the choice|the choice} only if you’ve got understood the implications every option carries. The varied reimbursement choices are:

Equated monthly instalments: If you’re a salaried person or an individual with regular financial gain, this feature is going to be ideal for you. The EMI consists of each interest and also the principal elements,t, so the principal gets reduced proportionately. The interest is charged on the outstanding balance, so the interest element keeps decreasing, and eventually, the adjustment towards the principal element out of the EMI can increase. this may keep management of your expenditure towards interest.

No pre-payment charges are collected for Gold Loans. In between, if you’ve got surplus funds, you’ll be able to deposit the money within the loan account. The principal element can scale back to thereto extent, and you’ll be able to save on the interest out-go.

Bullet payment: you will not be ready to build a commitment for payment each month however are ready to pay the cash in an exceeding payment someday later; then, the bullet payment is that choice for you. You’ll be able to pay the accumulated interest and also the principal at the time of maturity in one payment. During this case, the interest is going to be combined quarterly, so the interest you may be paying at the tip of the term is going to be significantly high.

Overdraft facility: this can be a revolving facility, and also the interest is going to be charged on the number that may be used. You’ll be able to operate this account throughout the term that’s stipulated. Throughout this era, you’ll be able to withdraw the number whenever you wish and deposit it back when the funds are out there. this can be the same as accounting; however, the distinction is that the funds within the accounting are your own funds that you are doing not pay any interest, whereas, in an associate bill of exchange facility, you may be utilizing the funds provided by the financial organization that you may have to be compelled to pay the price.

Partial repayment: during this choice, there’s no reimbursement pattern drawn by the bank/financial establishment that must be followed. you’ll be able to build a payment whenever funds are out there. this can be once more appropriate for persons. United Nations agencies don’t have an everyday financial gain. This can be appropriate for businessmen whose United Nations agency doesn’t have an everyday pattern for financial gain.

EMI just for interest: you may be paying the interest whenever due, and also, the principal quantity is going to be paid at the tip of the tenure. This way, you may be avoiding a combination of interests.

  • Margin

A margin is between the twenty-fifth to thirty-fifth for Gold Loans. If the LTV quantitative relation is high, then the chance issue for the lenders will increase. So, they think about numerous factors whereas fixing the LTV. If you’re a long-standing client of the bank and have a decent relationship, you’ll be able to talk terms on the margin. Otherwise, the margin set is twenty-fifth to thirty-fifth. If just in case the recipient fails to pay each principal and also the interest on the day of the month, then the interest keeps accumulating, which ends up within the erosion of margin, which will increase the chance issue for the borrowers.

  • Gold Accepted for Pledge

Gold solely within the kind of ornaments is accepted as security. Gold bars and coins don’t seem to be accepted as security. Gold coins purchased from banks that are of 24-carat purity are accepted; however, there’s a restriction on the amount. Gold coins solely up to fifty grams may be accepted as security as per the rules of the banking concern of India.

If you would like the next quantum, then it may be combined with the protection of each of the gold coins and also the ornaments.

  • Purity of Gold

Before approaching an investor, you must recognize the purity of the gold that you are aiming to pledge. Banks/financial establishments settle for solely gold with eighteen to 22-carat purity. For gold coins, the purity level expected is twenty-four carats. It’s higher you pledge ornaments with no gems adorned in them since the load of the gems won’t be thought about, and you will find yourself obtaining a lower loan quantity.

Be aware of all the on top of necessary factors before approaching the bank/financial establishments and strike the most effective deal.

Gold Loan Vs. Personal Loan

Gold LoanPersonal Loan
A Gold loan falls under the secured loan.A personal loan falls under an unsecured loan.
There is no need to provide evidence of income or have a decent credit score to get a Gold Loan.A good score, ideally above 700, is expected, and also a minimum of three years of work experience with a steady income is required. In the case of businessmen, a three-year-old company that has been profitable for at least the previous two years is needed.
Except in the case of a loan taken out for agricultural purposes, the loan may be used for any reason. If money is being used for agriculture, it should be used to raise a crop or invest in farm machinery or other agricultural-related activities.The loan can be used for any reason and has no end-use limits.
The weight of the gold that will be pledged determines the quantum. Gold should be between 18 and 22 carats. Normally, the quantum will be up to 75% of the gold’s current market price. In certain banks, a price per gram is set according to market conditions, and it is dependent on the gold’s value and weight.The loan is dependent on the applicant’s income.
A 25 per cent to 35 per cent margin on the market price of gold will be needed. The LTV would be between 65 and 75 per cent of the gold’s market value.There is no need for a margin. A 100 per cent loan would be issued with a debt-to-income ratio of 40 per cent to 60 per cent. After deducting current obligations and the planned EMI, the net take-home compensation should be between 40% and 60% of the gross salary.
There are a variety of repayment options available, but most people opt for short-term to medium-term loans.The loan is repayable in five years.
Because of the security’s liquidity, loan processing is easy.Since the loan is unsecured, there is a lengthy verification process.
Documentation that is transparent.The process and evaluation are detailed, but the documentation is straightforward.
The gold pledged will be auctioned, and the outstanding will be cleared with the auction proceeds if the instalments have defaulted or if there has been an unreasonable delay in clearing the dues in the loan. If there is any leftover money after the change, it will be credited to the applicant’s bank account.Since there is no protection, there is no other option for recovery than to start the recovery process.
Most banks and financial institutions do not charge transaction fees, and if they do, they are minimal. There are no fees for paying off a Gold Loan early.On the outstanding balance, all transaction and pre-payment charges are collected at rates ranging from 1% to 4%.
Anyone who is 18 years old or older and has gold to pledge will apply for the loan.Individuals, self-employed individuals/professionals, and businessmen with a steady income are eligible.
The interest rate is competitive.The interest rate is higher than normal.

Gold Loan Per Gram

While planning to avail of the service of Gold Loan, the first thing that comes to mind of a person is the amount of loan that will be disbursed per gram of gold. Generally, lending institutions give 2450 Rupees to 2580 Rupees per gram of gold. But it again varies on the purity of the gold.

Who Can All Apply for a Gold Loan?

  1. First and foremost, the gold should be in the name of the applicant or one of the family members.
  2. Secondly, the applicant should be an Indian resident.
  3. Thirdly, The age should lie between 18 years to 70 years (at the time of loan maturity).
  4. Next, the bank is not concerned about the employment status of the applicant. Thus salaried, self-employed, homemakers, students, anyone can apply for a Loan Against Gold.

Gold Loan Approval Process

The gold loan process varies depending on the particular lender. The concept of gold loans is simple; you make a promise of your gold records and get a loan amount instead. To do so, you visit the gold lending centre you want to commit to and the required documents. The lender makes checks for the purity of gold and determines its weight on a basis when checking its market value. Gold loans can be allowed up to 80 per cent of the estimated value of the promised gold. Once the price of the promised gold is calculated, the documents are verified. And when all else fails, get your loan approved by the bank.

Nowadays, gold loans can also be used online via a bank or NBFC mobile system or an official website. However, applying for a gold loan online does not mean that you will not have to visit your lender. To get a gold loan online, you will need to visit your lender at least once to submit your gold articles. Once this is done, you can sign up for the borrower customer portal or mobile application and link your bank account with it. So in the future, whenever you need or urgently need money, you can apply for a gold loan and get the loan available out of your bank account anytime, anywhere, in just a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can apply for a gold loan at It is an online platform where you can check your eligibility for a gold loan, compare gold loan schemes offered by different banks with the NBFC and get loan approvals quickly or just call 9878981144.

Check Gold Loan Status Online

The best way to keep track of your gold loan application status is in online mode. All of the market’s biggest lenders provide clients with forms to monitor the progress of their loan applications online. You can only visit the lender’s website and track your loan status with the following details:

  1. Reference number of the Application
  2. Phone number and Date of Birth
  3. Title Name

Tracking a Gold Loan Application with your mobile number and date of birth

Since mobile phone numbers are a unique identifier, many banks use a single phone number as a tracking point to track a loan against the Gold application. This way, the customer does not need to search for a different number than the reference number in order to check its application status. Using this method, the customer can check the status of the loan from anywhere. As an extra precaution, some banks may require a date of birth and reference number/application number for use.

  • Gold loan tracking with reference number
    As a mobile number, the reference number/application number is also a unique identifier. The only downside to looking at the status of the loan using this customer method is that they need to keep this number in hand as they may not have memorized it.
  • The status of the application for a gold loan through full banking
    You get an extra bonus if you are a current client. Not only can you try to negotiate better loan terms, but you can also apply and check your loan status in the banking sector. All you have to do is sign up on your web banking site and go to the loan section. Here you can apply, check or know the balance of the loan you are using.

Gold Loan Eligibility Criteria

There are certain requirements that are required to be fulfilled to avail a loan against gold:

  • The applicant should have attained at least 18 years of age.
  • The individual should have his own gold ornaments or articles that can be pledged.
  • The gold to be pledged should be 18 carats or above.
  • The applicant should have a decent CIBIL score.
BankInterest RateLowest EMI/lakhEligible loan amount
HDFC Gold loan9.90%Rs. 4614Rs 50 lakh for 24 months
ICICI Bank10%Rs. 8,792Rs. 15 lakh for 12 months
Axis Bank15%Rs. 4,849Rs. 20 lakh for 24 months
Yes Bank11.25%Rs. 3,286Rs. 50 lakh for 36 months
Muthoot Gold loan12%Rs. 3321Rs 1 cr. For 36 months
Mannapuram Gold loan12%Rs. 8,885Rs 1 cr. For 12 months
Canara Bank7.65%Rs. 8,683Rs. 10 lakh for 12 months
IIFL9.24%Rs. 9,516Rs. 10 lakh for 11 months
IndusInd10.50%Rs. 8,815Rs. 10 lakh for 12 months
Andhra Bank10.70%Rs. 8,824Rs. 2 crores for 12 months
Federal Bank8.50%Rs. 8,722Rs. 75 lakh for 12 months
SBI Gold loan7.50%Rs. 311120 lakh for 36 months

What are the Documents Required for Gold Loan?

Identity ProofAadhar Card/Pan Card/ Passport/ Voter ID
Residence ProofAadhar Card /Pan Card/ Ration Card/ Utility Bills on the name of the applicant/ Rental Agreement of applicant/ Voter ID card.
Agriculture Proof ( only if applicable)Agriculture Land Ownership Proof

Does CIBIL Score Matter in Gold Loan?

No, the banks do not check the CIBIL Score of a person to approve a gold loan. A loan Against Gold is a secured service. Hence, the bank is not concerned about the repayment history of a person. Because, even if the applicant fails to repay the loan, the banks can cover the loan amount through the gold ornaments that they have in their possession.

Why Should One Apply for a Gold Loan?

  • Great Availability: First and foremost, Loan against gold is a secured service; therefore, the processing of this loan is quick as the bank is mostly concerned with the quality and weight of the gold.
  • Low Rate of Interest: In contrast to services like personal loans, the Loan Against Gold has the least interest rate as banks keep security against the loan.
  • Negligible foreclosure charges: Generally, banks do not have any prepayment charges, but some banks can charge a penalty of just 1%.
  • Safety of Ornaments: The ornaments are more secure with the banks due to the strict security In the banking institutions, which is quite less at home.
  • No qualification of Credit Score: As this is a secured loan, therefore, the applicant does not have to worry about bad loan repayment history.
  • Income-proof not required: The salary of an applicant is not an issue for availing a Loan Against Gold as it depends majorly on the weight and quality of gold available with the applicant.
  • No loan processing charges: Another advantage is that the applicant does not have to pay extra for this service as the approval solely depends upon the asset kept as security.
  • Flexible tenure: In addition to other advantages, the applicant can choose the tenure of the loan according to their requirements and needs.
  • Only payment of interest: Lastly, the applicant has the option to pay the principal amount at the end of the tenure and only the interest every month.

What are the Disadvantages of a Gold Loan?

Gold – A Sentiment: Gold has emotional value in India since it is primarily used in family jewellery. If you provide gold as collateral, you risk losing your family jewels if you cannot repay the loan. This issue can put an unnecessary mental and emotional strain on the borrower and the entire family.

Lender Quality: There are various NBFCs in the nation that provide favourable conditions for these loans. However, some of them may be inadequately run and may shut down unexpectedly. It is critical to research the various lenders and select one with a solid reputation. Several nationalised and commercial banks, in addition to these NBFCs, provide these loans.

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Gold Loan EMI Calculator

It is imperative to know the amount one has to pay every month to the bank. Therefore, you have an option to estimate the EMI before availing of a loan. You can do so very quickly. Just click below and get to know the amount of the EMI you will have to manage monthly.